Monday, November 30, 2009

O Christmas Tree

I put our Christmas tree up yesterday and seems nice to be home for Christmas this year. Lst year we were in the midst of selling our house and moving. We were staying with my parents and so I never got to put up my own tree. Kellen really likes the tree this year and seems to be interested in all the ornaments. I hope my tree makes it until Christmas.


  1. Your Christmas last year is what we will be experiencing this year. I'm seeing everyone with their decorations up, and I'm SOOOOO sad that my house looks so sad. :( Oh well...that's military life I guess. There's always next year... I love the pics!!! The tree looks great!

  2. Very cute! This is our first Christmas with no family...but it will be still very special that everyone is home (hubby) and we can share it together! Merry Christmas!